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Song Lyrics

When Heaven Came To Us
Song Lyrics

Beneath a star filled sky with moonlight in your eyes
A river shimmering bright touched by the city lights
We held each others hand beside the river bank
A gentle summer breeze caressed you on your cheek

And it was then that I saw the love deep in your eyes
And it was then that I
Left this Earth to soar through Heavens' golden skies
The stars and moon were dancing in your eyes
While I was fighting to hide the tears of joy I felt inside
Yes I was trapped inside a World that had no time
Each single second etched on my mind
And I was lost in the feelings of bliss and ecstasy
The look that you gave me showed the love you felt for me
I'd have never believed it, if I hadn't seen it
On that Summers night of love
When Heaven came to us

We toasted our new love in a busy restaurant
Yet no one else was there, our solitude we share
And later as we walked, we had no need to talk
Our hearts were both entwined in a love that felt divine

On that Summers night of love
When Heaven came to us

© Michael Cornell

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