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Emotive Song Message

Making Love For The First Time

When Words Are Not Enough

Let Music Become Your VOICE!


This Is The New Modern Day 'Love Letter'


A Romantic Message To Say I Love You

Whether you are experiencing new love or re-igniting new romance in your relationship, this is a wonderful way

to express how much you truly care!

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Making Love For The First Time

Making Love For The First Time

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Messages Appearing On This Emotive Song Video


My Emotive Song Message Especially For You
Simply To Say Thank You For Being In My Life
You Are Wonderful It Feels So Right
You Mean The World To Me
Life Is So Special Since Finding You
I Can't Take My Eyes Off You
You Are So Beautiful 
It Feels So Right Since The Day I First Met You
Each Moment With You Is Like A New Beginning
I Love Our Connection You Are So Special
I Look Forward To Creating New & Exciting Memories With You
I Love You

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