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Emotive Song Message

When Heaven Came To Us

When Words Are Not Enough

Let Music Become Your VOICE!

This Is The New Modern Day 'Love Letter'


A Beautiful Message To Say 'I Love You'

Ideal for New Love, Anniversaries or re-igniting Romance in your relationship.
Imagine how they will feel when they receive this Heartfelt

Emotive Song Message from you.

Download our 'Emotive Song Message' below for only $3.95

When Heaven Came To Us

When Heaven Came To Us

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To make someone's day feel VERY special!

Messages Appearing On This Emotive Song Video


My Emotive Song Message Especially For You
Just To Say I Love You
I Have Always Loved Your Eyes
See What You Did To Me
This Memory Will Always Remain With Me
I Am Still Lost In Those Feelings When Heaven Came To Us
You Are So Special To Me
Here I Go Again
You Mean The World To Me
How Could I Ever Forget When We First Fell In Love
I Just Wanted You To Know
I Am So Grateful You Are In My Life
You Mean The World To Me

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