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Emotive Song Message

One Million Pieces

When Words Are Not Enough

Let Music Say I HURT But I AM OK!

This Is The New Modern Day 'Love Letter'


A Beautiful & Healing Message To Say Goodbye

Breaking up is always hard to do for both parties, but memories should be of the good times that were once shared.

This message says Goodbye with understanding that romantic love isn't always forever and no one is to blame.

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One Million Pieces

One Million Pieces

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Let someone special in your life know that even though you hurt from the breakup, you will be alright!

Messages Appearing On This Emotive Song Video


My Emotive Song Message Especially For You
I Am Sorry That We Have Broken Up
But I Understand Your love Has Changed
I Have Been Confused By Our Break Up
I Wish It Could Have Been Different
But I Am Grateful For What We Once Shared
This Is A New Beginning For Both Of Us
I Am Sorry I Was Unable To Keep Your Love
I Will Never Stop Loving You
I Know You Never Wanted To Hurt Me But I Will Be Alright
I Understand We Were Not Meant To Be
You Will Always Be In My Heart
Thank You For The Times We Shared
I Have No Regrets And Wish You Every Happiness

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