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Emotive Song Message

A Deeper Kind Of Love

When Words Are Not Enough

Let Music Say I Am SORRY!


This Is The New Modern Day 'Love Letter'


Emotive Song Message To Make Up After An Argument

Sometimes in the heat of the moment, we can say hurtful words that

we wish we could take back!.
This is a beautiful way to say "Let's Make Up"

Download our 'Making Up Video Message' below for only $3.95

A Deeper Kind Of Love

A Deeper Kind Of Love

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Messages Appearing On This Emotive Song Video

My Emotive Song Message Especially For You
To Say I Am Sorry
I Hate It When We Argue
You Mean So Much To Me
You Are So Important To My Life
A Deeper Kind Of Love Is What We Both Deserve
Life Is Too Short For Arguing
No More Angry Words
Let's Focus On Love
Life Is Beautiful With You
We Are Meant To Be Together
I Am Sorry For Upsetting You
I Never Wanted To Hurt Your Feelings
I Love You

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