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Michael has a passion for helping others to get the most out of life and has been a speaker at many lifestyle seminars inspiring people to continually pursue their dreams, aspirations and goals in life....

He truly believes that regardless of our age, we have the power to create even more successful and happier lives for ourselves as illustrated in his motivation video below.

The following videos, books and meditation music are available as FREE downloads for people who are keen to explore how to use their INNER POWER to help create abundance and happiness in their lives.


Years after having gone through a challenging time in his own life, Michael channeled a book called 'The Unknown Self'' which details how we can all too easily sabotage our own dreams and aspirations.

His book reveals a plan that can help us to attract more happiness, success and love into our lives by using the power of our Unknown Self...

It is available as a FREE GIFT for anyone who is looking for a powerful way to help change their life!!


Michael's Video 'The Power Is In You' has been an inspiration for many people around the World to step out of their safety zones and explore life with excitement and anticipation!

Viewed daily, it can reinforce just how unique and powerful you truly are.....

This video and soundtracks are available as FREE downloads!

The Power Is In You 
Soundtrack mp3

Power Meditation
The Power Is In You

The Power Is In You

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The Power Is In You 
Meditation Music Only mp3

I AM Meditation

Michael has also written a very powerful interactive workbook for discovering what we truly want from life.

Most of us understand, it is far easier to know what we don't want than what we do and unfortunately this dilemma can be very limiting on our lives and achievements.

Life coaches agree that if we don't have any plans and goals for our lives - 'We are ultimately on a journey with no destination'

You can now create your own exciting 'Life Plan For Success' with this FREE download.

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