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Expressing Emotions Through Music


We hope that Michael's songs and videos featured throughout this site will relate in some way to how you are feeling today or bring back some memories of the emotions experienced throughout your life.

Whether they were good or bad life experiences, they have all helped to create who we are today.

For young and old, HAPPINESS is about living life to our fullest potential!


Michael's 'Baby Boomer Anthem'  Song/Video is a reminder for us all to maintain the vibrancy, energy and excitement of youth in our souls as acknowledged  by Sir Les Reed below.

Sir Les Reed OBE, renowned English Songwriter of numerous International major Hit Songs including Delilah, It's Not Unusual, The Last Waltz, There's A Kind Of Hush and many, many more, made the following comments on Michael's song.

Quote from Sir Les Reed  OBE... 

"Michael, It tells the message that many of our generation yearn for.  Great stuff. 
My first thoughts were that you should give it to Kenny Rogers who would (I am sure) have a massive hit.

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Check Out Michael's Album - Music Came To Save Me!

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